Welcome to the Duplie Demo site!

This site is designed to show you all the functionality you could have with a Duplie website.  Duplie has a variety functionality and configurations.  You do not have to use all the functionality, just use the parts that work for your organization.  You can use Duplie for just a content management system, and just build your website (with no coding).  In addition to just a website, we have built in a volunteer management system, fundraising, event management, online forms/surveys and much more.  All these features are the core of Duplie, so it's truly a single platform that works efficiently.  These features are available depending on which plan you choose.


To get started, just browse around.  We have already added some demo static pages to give you an idea.  


  • The volunteer tab shows what the volunteer functionality of Duplie looks like.  This is where your volunteers would go to sign up for opportunities.  You can have as many events and volunteers as you want.
  • The fundraisers tab shows what the fundraising functionality of Duplie looks like.  Your organization can create as many fundraisers as you want.
  • The memberships tab shows how you could sell your memberships online to a service your organization provides!
  • The gallery tab shows how you can create galleries to show various images.  When a user is logged in, they have the ability to post comments and like the photos.  This is great for a photography website!
  • The contact us tab shows how you can setup a form on a page to gather information from your visitors.  You can also report on the information collected, which is great for surveys!
  • The news tab shows news items that you can add to your site

To get a user account to see how volunteers can use this, contact admin@duplie.com.  

A great advantage to using Duplie is that you can turn on a 'Social' switch.  This enables all events, fundraisers, memberships, news, photo galleries, etc to start showing a Facebook 'share' and Twitter plugin next to the item.  So then your visitors can help share your information on social media!


Thanks for visiting!




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Feb 15, 2015 11:05 PM
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Your News
Feb 15, 2015 12:18 PM
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